We provide compassionate and skilled presence in support of peaceful, conscious childbirth. Every pregnancy deserves the support of resources and reassurance. Through childbirth preparation and guidance during your birthing, our goal is bringing calm and groundedness to the experience.



Meet Our Doulas


Gwendolyn Bright


Sara Zia


Hannah Bukowski

Stephanie Post



We Offer

A basic birth doula package includes:

  • A consultation, usually in the home of the prospective client or somewhere nearby.

  • A series of three prenatal appointments featuring childbirth education, discussion of options and creation of a personalized birth preferences document.

  • Continuous labor coverage during your birth month; aromatherapy, massage, guided imagery and companionship throughout the experience.

  • After a birth there is one more meeting with the family to admire their accomplishment and co-create a birth-story, honoring the utterly unique entity that has come into the world!