Sara Zia

Sara moved to Charlottesville from Los Angeles to pursue graduate studies in philosophy and has been working as a yoga instructor at Hot Yoga Charlottesville ever since completing her MA in 2009. Her path to supporting birth began in 2012 when she attended OmMama prenatal yoga training during her tenure as assistant manager at Bend Yoga. She arrived at that training assuming she would merely be learning how to adapt postures to the pregnant body but walked away with much more, including her own personal birth plan and a bottomless respect for women and their capacity to grow and give birth to new human beings. Sara’s background in yoga and philosophy shape her personality and approach as a doula.

Sara’s passion for working with women in the childbearing year grew as she continued to lead mamas in prenatal and postpartum yoga practice, putting her on a path to become a community birth midwife and doula. She began her midwifery education in 2014 and has experience supporting women as assistant to the midwife throughout pregnancy as well as during labor and delivery in out-of-hospital settings. She is currently an apprentice at CVille Midwifery. In 2015 Sara attended ToLabor doula training and joined Bright Birthing supporting birth at our local hospitals.  In addition to the community events that she and her Bright Birthing doula partners regularly host, in 2016 she designed a childbirth education series that she continues to offer and lead every season throughout the year.

 Each birth Sara has attended to date has been an unprecedented gift; she cannot imagine not being on this path. Sara is grateful and honored to be present with a woman in all her beauty as she claims her power, and then, at that miraculous intersection where soul meets body in breath--when a new baby, a new woman and a new family is born.