Hannah Bukowski

Hannah is a mother, student midwife, world traveller, and nature lover. As an adventurous 20-something, she lived and worked all over the world in search of her life’s passion. She tried on many hats including CEO of a restaurant collective, ESL teacher abroad, and nature connection mentor. Hannah finally discovered her calling to birthwork and breastfeeding support through her own journey to motherhood. While preparing to give birth at home and caring for her infant son, Hannah spent countless hours reading and researching about birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. For the first time in her life, she actually enjoyed studying!

Hannah believes that birth is a rite of passage for women. Ultimately, her goal is to help return birth to women and families through education, awareness, and midwifery care.

When Hannah is not studying or chasing her sweet toddler, she is honored to provide doula services, breastfeeding support, and postpartum care to local families.