Stephanie Post

Stephanie is passionate about life, her family and her work. She loves travel of all sorts and views life as a great adventure. She cannot remember a time when she didn’t expect to be a birth practitioner. She attended her first birth, the birth of her brother, John Leo, when she was three years old. From that moment on, she has felt called to support birth. Stephanie believes in empowerment and in holding the sacred space for families and birthing people.

Stephanie entered nursing school intending to become a midwife. While on the very misty, winding path to midwifery, Stephanie has felt incredibly privileged to work with many different patient populations. After obtaining her BSN cum laude at the School of Nursing at Florida State University in 2005, Stephanie practiced for ten years as a pediatric nurse specializing in pediatric oncology. Some of that time was spent as a travel nurse supporting children and families in the United States and internationally. During her years as a pediatric nurse, Stephanie experienced the immense strength and beauty of the parent-child bond, and, when she taught nursing students, encouraged her students to recognize and honor that bond and the inherent strengths in each patient and family.

In 2010 Stephanie completed her doula training with CAPPA and has found great joy in supporting women and their families during their journey to parenthood. Stephanie began her midwifery training in 2014 and is currently working to complete the CPM licensure process.  

Stephanie had her own first home-birth experience in 2014 and was floored by the magic, incredible beauty and crazy intensity of it all. She has since given birth to another precious little human and was once again amazed at the power she felt during the birthing process. Her hope is to help other birthing people and their partners experience their own power, strength and beauty during their birthing process and transition to parenthood.