Bright Spots

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m constantly amazed at the many, many great opportunities for family fun in C’ville.  It seems like every family I meet has favorite activities, often for free or on the cheap, that I’ve never even heard of.  And I feel like I know what’s going on!  


We want to dedicate blog time to some of the spaces and faces that delight Charlottesville parents because of their family friendliness.  Thus, the conception of BRIGHT SPOTS!  These places, people, and activities truly brighten the days of many weary, loving parents, grandparents, sitters and kiddos!  And let’s face it, sometimes it doesn’t take much.  A little effort to make an outing easier can go a LONG way!  So, maybe it’s a restaurant with a great kids play space, and unexpected changing table in a retail establishment….something that helps put a caregiver at ease when out and about with wee ones.  

Every now and then, we’ll feature Bright Spots on our blog!  We’re super excited to help folks identify kid-friendly options around town.  We’d love to hear about your Bright Spots as well!  Please give a shout out to your favorite B.  They might Bright Spots even end up on the blog!

Keep an eye out for Bright Spots in the weeks and months to come!