Alamo Drafthouse: Bright Spot #1

This morning, my family went to a showing of the PBS Kids’ series, Wild Kratts, at Alamo Drafthouse.  I was so excited about our experience there that I feel inspired to dedicate our first BRIGHT SPOTS blog post to Alamo.  


It turns out that every month, PBS KIDS AT THE ALAMO, “Your PBS Kids favorites on the big screen” is offered for a donation of $3 per ticket.  All ticket sales benefit local PBS stations.  The website is very clear that these screenings serve as an opportunity for young folks to have their first movie theatre experiences and “squirming is allowed”!  Thank goodness, since I went with a 5 year old and a 2 year old.  

It turns out that every Tuesday, Alamo also offers the “ALAMO for All” program.  Every showing before 2:00 pm features lights turned up and sound turned down.  Infants are welcome and adaptive technology is invited.  They even allow chatter and will let you into the theatre if you’re running late.  If you’re like me, you can count on running late!

Here’s what I loved about our trip to Alamo:

  • Mega kid/parent/family friendly-It was noisy, kids were running up and down the aisles, popcorn was everywhere.  I enjoyed not feeling like the only circus act at the theatre.  It was really fun to be there with other families!

  • The kids’ menu featured affordable and healthy options-$1 french fries, $2 yogurt with fruit, $1 house made apple sauce

  • Running into TONS of sweet people I know

  • A family restroom

  • Very easy to order food and drinks from your seats

  • They have good coffee

  • Did you KNOW it is a DRAFTHOUSE (wink wink!).  I mean, if a bloody mary helps your children’s movie morning go down easily, I’m all for it!


Of course there’s room for improvement.  I did not find a changing table in the women’s room.  I didn’t ask about the men’s (assuming there was not one there as well).  Also, the service wasn’t stellar.  We had to order the same water refill with a few different servers before it actually arrived.  Same with popcorn (but refills are a plus).  They did discount our bill, though, in recognition of the not-so-great service.  I really feel like they did what they could to help us feel good about our experience.  

I must admit, I feel sad that my first Bright Spot is featuring a chain kinda place instead of a locally owned operation.  But hey!  I’m just going with what inspired me today!  There are plenty more Bright Spots to come!  What are your Bright Spots in town?!