Postpartum Services


Included in birth doula package

We always say that after you give birth we are still your doulas. You can text and email us as much as you need and we plan at least 1 or 2 at-home postpartum support visits to be sure you are settling in well, to make any referrals and to help with your birth story. 

A la carte hourly 

If you're finding you need more support as you adjust to having your little one at home you can always add hours with a postpartum doula. We are happy to serve in this capacity for anyone with a newborn at an hourly rate.


Mommy Concierge

Whether you need groceries picked up, a meal cooked, laundry done, thank-you cards addressed and stamped or any other small tasks in the early days, we are thrilled to make life a little easier.


Just as we do for prenatal clients, we can put our local knowledge and experience to use in the postpartum time, normalizing and validating what is already going well for you, troubled-shooting and advising on professionals who may be of service to you as you integrate babe into your family.