Prenatal and Labor Support

Doula Team

What does having a Doula Team look like? Well, families will have TWO doulas and will benefit from the wide variety of skills each doula possesses. Families will have ample opportunity to get to know both of their doulas during prenatal visits and, together, we will develop a unique plan for each family. During labor and birth one or both doulas will be present depending on the length of the labor and needs of each family. Also, as we become more and more aware of the importance of and need for postpartum care, we are excited to include two postpartum visits (one of at least 2 hours) as part of our Doula Team package.

Primary + Backup

A single doula can also work with a family on the same sliding scale as a Doula Team. In this case your doula will come to your home for two or three prenatal visits to craft your birth preferences document, make a battery of comfort measures to suit you and your birth and a backup doula will attend one of the meetings. Your doula will be on call beginning at 37 weeks and will attend your labor, birth and the first few hours afterward. In the weeks after birth your doula will visit once or twice to check in and help write your birth story.


From many years of experience firsthand and as birth professionals in this community we have amassed an impressive body of knowledge that we are happy to share. Through one-time or recurring sessions in your home we are happy to provide information and guidance around your birthing options at an hourly rate. Please email with any questions or to schedule with us:

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