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January Village Circle

Join us as we resume our monthly gathering for peer support, community and great discussion topics. We welcome babes and partners always welcome, expectant and new families plus birth-workers of all stripes.

Have you wondered about the return of your period, postpartum? We are so excited to have Talking Drum Herbals at our upcoming January Village Circle for a talk on celebrating the return of the moon after we give birth. We will talk about ways to celebrate, welcome, and reintroduce your new post baby body and cycle. 

As Sister Morningstar says: "The mothers come from near and far. They have a variety of birth plans and care providers. We are there to shower them with village attention and support and to bathe them in a sense of belonging and being cherished. The one inspiration and encouragement we echo over and over in our stories, on our walks, in our drumming and deliciously in our feasting is this: Trust your Instincts. Follow what makes sense to you. Do it your way. Take your time. Find a place of peace to make decisions. Speak your Truth. Find your Truth. Your body has all the right answers. No one has your knowing. Build your instincts. Trust your instincts."

280 Riverbend Drive, #3A